Jessica Burri – Soprano & Dulcimer

Singing Bowls & Overtone Singing

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© Photo: Harry Becker

Music of
the spheres

Singing Bowls 2

Singing bowls
have a particular
characteristic, as do
church bells: their overtones
are as strong as the
fundamental, so that they can
be heard clearly. That is the
reason why the sound of
the bowls is so

Singing bowls come
from the Himalayas – India, Nepal
and Tibet – and are handmade there
out of brass. They are used these
days in Tibetan monasteries during

The western world discovered singing
bowls some years ago and they are
used here primarily for therapeutic
purposes. The bowls are placed on
various parts of the body and
are struck or rubbed, so that
the vibrations can have
an effect on the body.


Overtone Singing

© Maegie Koreen
(used with kind

“It was
beyond time
and space.”

Birgit Ludwig