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“Sondermann has
put together a work
which is in equal parts
entertaining, exciting,
and has local historical


Dirk Sondermann, who has a degree in
theology, was born in Bochum (Germany)
in 1960, lives in Hattingen (Germany) and
has been working for years with local folklore.
In the last few years, he has presented
many readings as well as appearances on
television and radio. He has specialized
in finding out exactly where local
stories took place and in disclosing
the GPS coordinates.

In 2003, he launched the
Institute of storytelling
research in the Ruhr Valley
Together with Jessica Burri,
he presented the project
“Fabulous Ruhr Valley” in
2010, a series of storytelling
events which were supported
by the RUHR.2010 GmbH
(European Capital
of Culture).